Help Us

Please Help Us! The below charity account has been set up to collect funds for the release of the 22 crew members (were 23) taken hostage.

Bank Name: NIB BANK LTD.
Account Name: Shahnaz Jawaid & Neelam Mujtaba
Account No. (PKR): 10052-10653622
Account No. (USD): 10052-10653789
Account No. (GBP) :10052-10653808
Swift Code: NIBPPKKA ( This is the same as Sort Code , ABA No, IFSC No. or Transit Institution No.)


Donate within Pakistan:

  1. Deposit donation at any NIB Branch: You can deposit the donation into any NIB Branch in Pakistan. The deposit can be made using cash / or cheque from any bank
  2. ATM Machines:  You can transfer from your account via ATM Machine of your branch / Bank
  3. Deposit Cheque NIB ATM vestibule: You can deposit a cheque along with filled NIB deposit slip at any NIB ATM vestibule.
  4. Bank Transfer

Over Seas Donations:

  1. Deposit money through your branch / Bank transfer .
  2. Western Union or ANY Exchange house: You would need to provide with the following details:
      • Account Title (Beneficiary names would be Shahnaz Jawaid or Neelam Mujtaba)
      • NIB Account Number
  3. Online payment. Pay through PAYPAL

44 responses to “Help Us

  1. how could we sent money from abroad?

    • Hi. Thank u for ur message. You can transfer money through your bank. U can go to “help us” tab to see account information . account details r also there on the main page. Please let us knw if u have any other questions.

      • Anonymous

        hi, i am overseas too.. can you set up a USD PayPal account? and share the link? thanks! praying for you all… as a daddy’s (not so little) “little girl,” i’d like to do what i can to help.

      • Hi there,
        Unfortunately we have had some problems linking our charity account to the paypal account recently. Would appreciate if you could send the money through western union or deposit into the bank listed on the website. So sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. Sharmeen

    Hi I’ve been trying to transfer some money through my online SCB account but when I try to add you guys as beneficiaries I keep getting the message. *ERROR* : Account Not Exist.

    What do I do? Is there any other way I can send you the money? Its a paltry sum but I guess every bit counts?

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  5. Indra Nilaweera

    I have sent numerous requests to my friends abroad and home for support. How much do u need and how much u have collected. I fear for all the crew including my nephew Nalindra Wakwella /Cheif Engineera whose duaghter is crying for her father. Do inform me about the out come.Shall send some money soon.
    Keep up your good work. Families of Sri Lankan crew do not have much money and people are scared to transfer money to unknown people.
    Indra Nilaweera

    • Thank you for your message Indra.

      We are still collecting the balance of USD 1.7 million dollars. People have been very supportive of campaign but considering the amount, we still have a long way to go.

      We are trying to do our best to secure the release of the entire crew.

      Please keep praying for the crew.

      Appreciate your support!

      (You can collect the money and deposit into the account details on the page through your branch)

  6. DaphnePadma Kurukulasuriya

    I am in Australia. My Bank says that they will charge $32 to send the money and also at the other end they will charge they will charge $32. How can I send the money without having to do this???

  7. Sharifa Sorathia

    If you add Master and Visa Card and PayPal. Easy for us donate you. Thanks

  8. Anonymous

    today surely i wil diposited aprox 3000

  9. Anonymous

    I have been trying to send money to you from rawalpindi using my ATM’s interbank money transfer facility, but it keeps saying that the account number is invalid. the machine says that the number has to have the following format; branch number-account number-suffix. I think the number you have listed is missing the suffix. can you please check the number?

  10. Anonymous

    I am trying to transfer some money through my SCB online banking transfer but it says the account number does not exist. Please let me know the correct account number so i can help make a difference too. Reading the forum above i see other people have encountered the same problem. It would be a good idea to check with NIB Bank what the correct account number is which should be used for online bankings transfers. Thanks !

  11. zahra bhatti

    Hey! Can you guys please tell me the what email address do i need to put in when sending money through PayPal? Also, i will try spreading the word around and help in anyway possible insAllah! May Allah be with each and everyone of the crew members and give you all (the families) strength to pass this difficult time! Ameen

  12. Ali

    I cant seen to find the Paypal account link in ur website. Could you please help me out and paste it to me pls

  13. mmshaikh

    Please post a link to the PayPal account so people abroad can support the cause!

  14. Could you please let me know how I can donate through PayPal? I cannot find a link on this site. Thanks!

    • Hi , appologies for this. As discussed earlier, we are facing some difficulties with paypal. Would appreciate if you could use western union or transfer through one of the ways listed on the how u can HELP page on this site.

  15. Anonymous


    I am trying to send money via paypal but it requires either an email address or a phone number. Please have a look at this link and let me know the necessary details…

    • Hi, We are facing some technical difficulties with paypal, in the meantime we would be ever grateful if you could make a transfer through your bank or Western union under Shahnaz Jawaid’s name. Please let us know if you have any suggestions. We are really running short of time. We were able to get an extention from pirates as we could not raise the funds required.

      • Anonymous

        I read that Mr. Edhi was collecting donations for Save M.V Albedo. I know that they have offices in all most all major cities. May be you can work out an arrangement with them and have the funds sent to Edhi. This is just off my head…but I hope it helps and you get to collect the amount in time and that the family members aboard the ship come back home safe and sound. Inshallah!

  16. Please let us know how much more money is needed and keep us updated

  17. Claire

    Hi there,

    Trying to make a donation through PayPal, but there are no links or details.

    Can you pls help?

    Thanks, 🙂

    • Hi Claire,
      I am so sorry but the paypal option is no longer available. You can made a donation through western union or transfer money into the bank (details are listed the website). For western union I believe you can use the Account Holder Name :Shahnaz Jawaid and give them the bank details. If you require any more information please do let me know.

  18. I think you should work out with Paypal, many people are unable to send money coz of this problem.

  19. Fus

    Please set up paypal a/c asap, I am sure many ppl will find it convenient to send money through it.

  20. Fus

    Also is there a contact number, I can try sendingmoney through Pakremit but the bank check has to be picked up from the NBP branch. Please provide a phone number and name of the person with ID card. Email me @


  21. arslan

    can i have the brach code for the NIB bank as i am transferring via UAE

    • Hi arsalan, u can’t make online transfer to UAE. U can use the swift code to make transfer from abroad.

      Bank Name: NIB BANK LTD.
      Account Name: Shahnaz Jawaid & Neelam Mujtaba
      Account No. (PKR): 10052-10653622
      Swift Code: NIBPPKKA ( This is the same as Sort Code , ABA No, IFSC No. or Transit Institution No.)

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  23. Mehreen Haq

    can you please confirm how much more amount needs to be collected and wat is the update on the situation.

  24. Adil

    hi, where is the donate through PayPal link?

  25. Adeel

    Assalamu aliakum.

    Have you collected the funds? How much is still left? Please update.
    I have been trying to send you a donation from my ATM and from my online fund transfer facility, but in both cases the funds transfer failed with the message that the account number is invalid.

    Can you please confirm the account number and what the exact input should be when transferring online from Bank Al Habib. The only help that I get on the transfer screen is:
    “Please Enter 15 Digits NIB Bank account number. The layout Old (AAAABBBBBBBCCCC) & New For 7 Digit “.

  26. Furqan Masood

    I tried to transfer funds from My ABL online webiste, it asked me
    “Please enter 15 digit account number following the layout BBBBAAAAAAASSSS”
    but you have only provided 13 digits. I spoke to your back as well they said add “00” after the br code, but that did not work either. Can you clear this out for me ?

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